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arkvidya Nothing is permanent, except change...

Everything in this universe is an unfinished painting...

Let us go back to the safest place in the entire universe…. into our mothers womb. All that you See, Hear, Taste, Smell and Touch is not the Truth. Turn about into your own self......

The heart has the reason which reason does not know.

Come on dear Mithras, silently join the Biggest Peaceful spiritual Revolution. It is a great Celebration, a joyous moment of liberation.

Thousands are blessed with the Traditional Mega Vibrated dry and wet Personal Touch initiations.

  • Don't call it Shaktipath
  • Don't announce it is Kundalini
  • Don't propagate what is happening
  • Just feel the throbbing heart and the pulsations

Inaugurate amazing change inside and outside your own-self. From the day one of the initiation, the all-powerful Chitkala of the Goddess mother Chitrambika responds to the Mahashyamanthakachanneling. The Ultra-K mega liquid light energy flows downwards towards your Brahma Randhra, the crown charka, channelled through the Secret KesharaSoothra, under the able guidance of the Ascended Masters, connected by the rishis, revealed by Agasthya, perfected by his many disciples, passing through the lineage.

It is an age old Vedic and Yogic secret to channelise the all-powerful Surya energies. The omnipotent powerhouse of the universe is the Sun God.

JambuDweepa, the most prominent among the seven regions of the creation, holds the Mount Meru, in its centre.

On the ultimate upper point is the splendid kingdom of Brahma. Much above the Brahmaraiya preserved by Lord Krishna is the Mahashyamanataka of the RaviMandap which receives the rays of the Sun and showers the Mega Vibrated Light Energy, the Ultra-K mega beam which has the power to penetrate into the seven under world regions Atala, Vitala, Sutala, TalaTala, Mahatala, Rasatala and Patala.

The invocation of the Sun for achieving the desired purposes and for the enlightenment are the various forms of Suryopasana.

Shyamanthaka Vidya is the highest form of education to achieve this ParamYatra. One who reaches this ultimate stage is called a KesharaMitra. In the Threthayug, RishiAgasthya imparted the sacred AdithyaHrudyam to Lord ShriRama and Lakshmana, along with the Bala, Atibala, ShyamanthakaAstraPrayog by many rishis guided by Vishwamitra. In the 18thcentury ShyamantakaSadhaks were many.

Sadguru Adithya Poorna Nanda, born in 1832, known as Nandu Baba acquired the supreme powers from several rishis, and yogis. At a young age of eleven years, Babaji's mother tied the holy Bandhan, the Kankan, to his wrist and was very much moved to see Lord Panduranga in taken over by MittuMahajan Yogi and BapuDayasagar Maharaj which was later passed over to Shri Shri MudduKrishnanand Swamji, our ascended master.

Previously Arkavidya was used in higher dimensions, by the ascended master. It is simply impossible to enter into the Arka Orbit unless the ascension process begins. If taught and practiced in the original form it could take twelve years to learn, but by the grace of God and the Poojya Gurudev, it is simplified, easy to learn and made available to every spiritual monger.

Yes, this is the call for the Ultra-K Mega healing power into your fingertips and your activated looks!